Penn - York 3-D Archery

2009 League Rules



Only Rule Changes made from 2008 to 2009  Cross Bow class


Course Rules

1.        LITTERING will be considered UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT. Any action considered unsportsmanlike will result in disqualification.

2.        Minimum of 2 shooters with 1 adult, maximum of 5 shooters per group. For this rule a cub, does not count as a shooter.

3.        All shoots will be a minimum of 30 targets.

4.        No alcoholic beverages may be consumed before or during any activity, including Novelty shoots.

5.        Approaching a target closer than the shooter’s stake prior to executing shot is not allowed.

6.        Communications regarding yardages, for everyone within a group, prior to execution of all the group's shots will not be allowed.

7.        The shooter must be at right angle from the target and within 2 feet of the appropriate stoke while executing the shot. This will allow two shooters at one time.

8.        Only arrows stuck into the target are scored. (O for a grazed shot). Arrows must touch a scoring line to be scored at the higher amount. A 0 (zero) will be score for arrow stuck in any non-animal part of target, (the rocks on rock creator, antlers, hoofs, etc.).

9.        Shooter may use only one arrow per target. Once an arrow is nocked, if that arrow leaves the bow for whatever reason, the arrow can be reshot only if the shooter, without assistance, can retrieve that arrow while maintaining contact with shooter’s stake.

10.     A pass through is defined as an arrow passing completely through a target, with material 360 degrees around the arrow, leaving an entrance and exit hole. Witnessed pass troughs are to be scored as agreed on by the majority of the group, or re-shot before shooters advance to the target.

11.     A person can compete only once, in only one class, on any one day. Their competition score must be the first shot on the scheduled day of the shoot. Shooting a course once it has be set up, for practice or score, prior to the scheduled day of the shoot, will not be allowed for any reason. A person may pay for and shoot Practice as many times as time will allow after their competition score has been tuned in.

12.     All sign ups are from 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Score Cards must be turned in by 4:00 PM.

13.     Prices for 2005 will be $10 for all Male Shooters except Practice $9, Women Shooters (regardless of class) & Youth $6, Clubs $3, and Non Competitive Cubs are free. Prices are based gender and or age, not class. Example, a woman signing up in OPEN will pay $6.00.  Hunter practice will now quality for the Banquet provided score card is turned in.

14.     Shooters are encouraged to take their time and enjoy themselves, but if your group is holding up others, ask the faster group to shoot thorough (go ahead of your group). If a group is holding up your group, you have the right to shoot thorough.

15.     The league reserves the right to assign a scorer to any group or individual.


1.        Scoring is done from scorecards. The header on all scorecards has to be completely filled out EVERY TIME!

2.        Scorecards must be marked based on target number. They can be shot out of sequence but must be shot in rotation.

3.        Ties will be broken first by the number of 10s shot, than by the shooters who continuously shots the most 10s from target #1 (First Drop).

4.        Clubs should check scores and use “league Use Only” box to verify same.


Abbreviations used for scoring

Club         sc = South Creek    cr = Corning            ch = Chemung     pc = Pine City      wa = Waverly     cv = Cowanesque Valley

Classes   t = TopGun              rfo = Range Finder(Orange)               rfy = Range Finder(Yellow)

                m = Master              s = Seniors              o = Open             r = Release          cb = Cross Bow

                tr = Traditional         h = Hunter               w = Women         y = Youth            c = Cubs              fb = Fingers/BareBow        p = Practices

·          NS = No Score (Anyone may take a NO SCORE if they do not wish their score published and will still get credit for that shoot provided the score card is turned in upon completion.)

·          NC = No Card (Score Card was not turned in. This shooter will not receive credit for the shoot or receive points.)

·          Inc = Broke (For whatever reason a person could not finish a shoot. Provided card is turned in, Shooter will receive credit.)

·          NOT = Not On Time (Anyone who turned in a score card, but did so after 4 PM the day of the shoot. Scoring closes at 4 PM.)

·          SA = Shoot Alone, cannot be in competition, but will receive credit for shoot provided score cord is turned in.

·          MU = Make Up (use when some one pay for a shoot after the fact) or a card that has no shots and score recorded.

Club points

1.        Points per Class: One Shooter - 1 Point, Two Shooters - 2 points for 1st  & 1 point for 2nd,   Maximum 3 points with 3 or more Shooters except Top Gun will be a Maximum of 5 points with at least 5 shooters.

2.        No points are awarded for NC Clubs and Practice.

3.        No points will be awarded for No Scores or Make Ups. Incompletes will be given points provides one target is shoot and a score is recorded by that shooter.

4.        Until a shooter indicates a club on their scorecard, the host club will receive that shooter for that day. Once a shooter selects a club by the shooter writing it in the club area of the score card, that shooter will remain with that club for the Year.



Class & Equipment Rules

1.        The use of any arrow, tip, or adapter that will cut, tear, or remove excess material from target may not be used!

2.        Range Finders MAY NOT be used except in the Range Finder Classes.  Any One found with a Range Finder in a non Range Finder class will be disqualified!

3.        Range Finder is a non-award class with league points only.

4.        If there is a Range Finder and all the shooters are not shooting the Range Finder class, than 2 clubs will be represented within that group!

5.        All shooters must shoot from the class stake that they are signed up for. Moving back from the red to yellow etc. will not be allowed.

6.        No shooter is restricted to a class if they meet the requirements for another class. i.e. Women to Open, Youth to Release Senior to Top Gun etc.

7.        Once a person has acquired 10 points while in the Hunter class for the year, than that shooter must move to another Class.


Class                         Stake         Max yardage     Restrictions                           Equipment

Cubs and NCCubs     Blue           25 Yards           11 Years old or under           Any Type or style of equipment.


Traditional                  Blue                                                                                   A Recurve or Long Bow with no sights.

May not have any marks or blemishes on bow or string that could be used for aiming.

                                                                                                                            May not use any type of release aid.

                                                                                                                            May not use any type of stabilizer.


Youth                        Red            35 Yards           12 through 16 years old        Any Type or style of equipment.


Women                      Red                                                                                    Any Type or style of equipment.


Bare bow                  Red                                                                                    A compound with no sights.

                                                                                                                            Same as Traditional


Hunter                       Red                                      10 points in class                  A Compound, Recurve, or long Bow using a sight with a

                                                                                                                            maximum of 5 (five) fixed pins.  

                                                                                                                            The sight may not extend more than 6 inches

                                                                                                                            The stabilizer may not extent more than 12 inches

                                                                                                                            forward of nearest front edge of bow.

                                                                                                                            May use release or fingers.


Masters                     Red                                      60 years old or older             Any Type or style of equipment


Release                     Yellow       40 Yards                                                         Same as Hunter except no arrow restrictions


Fingers                      Yellow                                                                               Same as Release except may use a any sight.

                                                                                                                            May not use any type of release aid.


Open                         Yellow                                                                               Any Type or Style of equipment.


Senior                        Yellow                                 50 years old or older             Any Type or style of equipment


Range Finder Yellow              Yellow                                                                 Any Type or style of equipment


Top Gun                    Orange      50 Yards                                                         Any Type or style of equipment


Range Finder Orange                  Orange                                                                Any Type or style of equipment


Cross Bows              Orange


Practice                     Any Stack Must shoot from a stack for safety reasons. Any Type or style of equipment


The League is composed of 6 Clubs

Waverly, Pine City, South Creek, Chemung, & Corning & Cowanesque Valley.     see the schedule for names and phone numbers



1.        The League hosts a SHOOT OFF and a BANQUET at the end of the season (January to January.

2.        To qualify for the Shoot Off and earn a FREE Dinner to the BANQUET, you must shoot 2 shoots at each club, with a total 18 shoots at League shoots,  and HAVE TURNED IN YOUR SCORE CARD UPON COMPLETION OF EACH SHOOT. Membership in a club is NOT required.

3.        The Shoot Off is held on the last shoot of the year, along with a normal 3-D shoot, and consists of 40 targets. The banquet is held the first part of January the following year, when Awards for the Shoot Off and the League Trophy are given out, along with a drawing for door prizes.

4.        The clubs compete with each other for a league trophy. See Club Points above.

5.        Once a shooter has qualified, that shooter will earn a token for each shoot he or she has attended. These tokens will be used for the drawing of Door Prizes at the BANQUET. The more Shoots you make the better your chances to win! There will be ONE DOOR PRIZE PER PERSON, so your chances of winning are fairly good.

6.        A shooter must be qualified for the Shoot Off and Banquet before shooting their first target the day of the Shoot Off, provided they are competing in the shoot off. A shooter may pay for shoots not made, provided it is done before shooting the shoot off. Information will be available at the Shoot Off.  The practice of paying for shoots not made after that time, to become eligible for the banquet, will no longer be allowed.

7.        You may bring a guest for the price of a banquet ticket. The price and location of the banquet will be posted later within the season.




For Club officials

1.        Definition of club, (Any group or individuals who are on The 3-D League's Schedule for that year).

2.        League shoots will only be held on Sundays. Clubs may only hold shoots on a Sunday if they scheduled for that day on the 3- D League's Schedule.

3.        Safety shall be the primary concern of any club or persons setting up a course.

4.        All trails must lead into the furthest stake (top gun) from the target.

5.        All trails shall be adequately marked. Old courses will be marked or barricaded to inform shooters that it is no long to be used

6.        Courses must be changed before a league shoot if that course was previously used for competition or practice.

7.        Clubs will use and abide by the 3-D League's Rules.

8.        Clubs will use the 3-D League's scorecards and scoring system.

9.        Any new Club coming into league will be under a one year probation. While on probation, the new club will not have any voting rights.

10.     At League meetings, each club may have up to 2 representatives, but will have only one vote for any league decisions.

11.     No club may hold any activities that will in any way distract the archery shooters on the day of a shoot.

12.     All clubs are requested to keep a copy of the rules posted at every shoot.

13.     Scoring is done from scorecards; header on card has to be complete. If possible clubs should check reported scores and uses League Use Only box.

14.     Score sheets are used to check of NC's, etc., and to check spelling. Try to keep as legible and complete as possible. 15. Do not write in the score area on the sigh up sheet if a person has not turned in a scorecard.


15.     Persons work the signup area, should not write in the score area if a shooter has not turned in a Card.  This makes it a lot easier for the secretary to locate the No Cards.


16.     If during a shoot, a target is found to be unsafe for any reason, an Official from the club where the shoot is being held will decide to move or remove that target and inform scoring, along with the League Secretary of the change. If remove, that target’s score will be removed form everyone's score for that day.


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